Boise, Idaho

Bird Baths & Water

Attract More Birds to Your Yard with Water.

We carry many different types of birdbaths including cast concrete, resin, metal and plastic birdbaths, pedestal, ground and hanging birdbaths.  We even carry heated birdbaths! 


Bird Bath Accessories



We carry several types of heaters for different needs and budgets. These heaters keep your birdbath thawed during extensive below-freezing periods and provide much needed water to birds during the winter. A source of water in the winter can attract as many birds as birdseed!

Drippers, Misters

We carry several types of Drippers and Misters. The one pictured in the bath above is our WBU Nature's Dripper. We also carry birdbath and leaf misters. A source of dripping or misting water is highly attractive to the birds and can keep your bath water fresh with less maintenance.

Water Wigglers

The Water Wiggler™ creates ripples in your birdbath, announcing the water's presence while preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs.  No plumbing is required, and since it runs on batteries, there's no extra wiring.

Solar Fountains, Scrubber Brushes and Cleaners

Birds are attracted to the sight and sound of moving water. So when you add a fountain to your birdbath, it's like turning on a neon sign that says "This watering hole is open for business!" The Mini Solar Pump Kit will get your water moving and the birds visiting. The fountain height is adjustable, and because it runs on solar energy, there are no extra cords cluttering your yard.

If you use a birdbath to provide water, be sure to keep it clean. Change the water every few days and use a stiff brush and rinse the birdbath thoroughly before refilling. For stubborn stains, scrub with a solution of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water and rinse well before adding fresh water.