Bird by Bird Educational Program

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Bird by Bird: Bringing Birds to Classrooms, and Classrooms to Birds

Bird by Bird is a unique science education program that uses bird watching and bird feeding to connect youth with nature and to instill a healthy respect for our natural resources.  The program was created through a collaborative relationship between Wild Birds Unlimited of Boise, the Idaho Fish and Game Department, the BLM and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Participating schools are provided with all the materials needed to set up a bird watching station for their students.  This includes bird feeders and bird seed provided by program partner Wild Birds Unlimited of Boise, as well as binoculars and a great collection of bird books.  Bird by Bird facilitators make regular visits to the classrooms to provide biological assistance and equipment training.

Participating students are in turn trained to become citizen scientists.  They collect data on the birds they see at the feeders and on field trips and submit this data to a national database that is used by researchers to study bird populations across North America.  This provides students with an extremely valuable lesson on what science really means and how we can work together to conserve bird populations.

This program has continued to grow locally and has expanded to Portland, OR, Post Falls, ID, Michigan and this year, Pennsylvania!