April Nature Happenings

Nature Happenings

  • Project FeederWatch ends this month, www.birds.cornell.edu/pfw
  • Turkey Vultures return late.
  • Bald Eagles begin their nesting behaviors.
  • Ravens, crows and Canada Geese begin nesting.
  • Ground Squirrels being to emerge from hibernation.
  • Listen for singing Northern Leopard Frogs, Boreal Chorus Frogs and Columbia Spotted Frogs.
  • Osprey and Screech Owls are sitting on their eggs.
  • Bluebirds are nesting by end of month.
  • Song Sparrows begin calling.
  • South winds bring major waves of migrating birds like thrushes and warblers.
  • Flickers establish their territories late in the month.
  • Rubber Boa, Western Hog-nosed, Smooth Green, Milksnake, Gophersnake, and Garter snakes emerge from hibernation and begin mating.
  • Canada Geese are nesting and their first young hatch.
  • Lyrids meteor shower, late-April.
  • Earth Day, April 22.