October Nature Happenings

Nature Happenings

  • This is the month to install and repair nest boxes for use next year.
  • Waterfowl migration continues to build throughout month.
  • Peak of raptor and hawk migration.
  • Pine Siskin return to lower elevations and feeders this month.
  • Bluebird and other nest boxes need to be cleaned out this month to prepare for winter roosting.
  • First juncos and American Tree Sparrows can appear late in the month.
  • Sandhill Cranes migrate.
  • Remaining hummingbirds will depart this month.
  • Beavers are very active in the evenings while caching a winter supply of food.
  • Autumn colors peak in October.
  • Brown and Brook Trout spawn.
  • White-tailed Deer bucks go into rut late in the month.
  • Orionids meteor shower is late-October.