Nature Happenings MAY

Nature Happenings

  • Hummingbirds arrive. Be sure to have their feeders up early in the month.
  • Chokecherry, Serviceberry, Rocky Mountain Juniper, Cottonwood are in bloom early in the month.
  • Peak of warbler migration happens early in month.
  • Hermit Thrush, Veerys, Rose-breasted and Black-headed Grosbeaks return.
  • Grackles return north.
  • Peak of bird courtship. Listen for the morning chorus.
  • Nesting materials are being collected.
  • Orioles return and begin nesting. Be sure to have their feeders, nectar, fruit and jelly out early.
  • Fawns continue to be born (5/15 – 6/15).
  • Beaver kits and skunk litters are born.
  • Mosquitoes can begin to be a problem. Refresh bird bath water often to deter them from breeding.
  • Woodhouse’s, Western and Great Plains Toads start singing.
  • Be on the lookout for tadpoles in ponds.
  • Buffaloberry, Wild Rose, Snowberry, Honeysuckle and Glacier Lily are in bloom late in the month.
  • Eta Aquarids meteor shower is early-May.
  • International Migratory Bird Day is mid-May.