December Nature Happenings

Nature Happenings

  • Project FeederWatch continues,
  • Christmas Bird Count is this month,
  • Watch for Bald Eagles along the rivers.
  • Beaver mating season.
  • Rather than search for worms in the frozen soil, large winter flocks of robins will visit fruit trees for food.
  • Cedar Waxwings will visit yards in search of fruit, often staying for hours before moving on.
  • Juncos will hunt for fallen seed, often before dawn.
  • The smaller the bird, the earlier its hunt for food in the winter darkness.
  • In preparation of the earliest nesting period of any bird (late-January through February), Great Horned Owls can be heard hooting at night in courtship.
  • Now through late March is a difficult time for birds; providing food and an open source of water is important.
  • Winter is a great time to look for birds' nests. Admire the craftsmanship, but leave the nest in place.
  • Geminid Meteor Shower is mid-month.